After initial autodidactic steps, classical guitar tuition in lutenist/guitarist Peter Dechant’s class at the College of Music, Altötting, leading to studies under Franz Halasz in Augsburg and Flavio Cucchi in Florence; followed by participation in Eliot Fisk’s master class at the Mozarteum, Salzburg

Lead guitarist in blues-rock band BLUESGATE (with Richard Palmer-James)

Plays for The Finnish composer EINOJUHANI RAUTAVAARA in Helsinki;
orchestra engagements with the Munich Symphony and others
Starts a series of contemporary dance projects with his wife Dana Schachtner: String Balance (2004), Anne im Tal der 1000 Tropfen (2008), Spiegel (2010), Homo LuDance (2011)

More than 90 duo-concerts with Richard Palmer-James unter the motto BLUES MEETS CLASSICAL in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy

Lead guitarist with the newly-formed RICHARD PALMER-JAMES BAND, appearing in Munich (Backstage), Koblenz (Café Hahn)

Forms the tango-duo TICO TICO with accordionist Melanie Barth; concerts in and around Berlin and Potsdam;

performs in Palais Lobkowitz in Prague and the Munich Herkulessaal with excerpts from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Don Giovanni

Opens for US rock band MR BIG in the Tonhalle, Munich
accompanying the hang artist CIFERENCE;

joins the KEMAL UND METIN KAHRAMAN Kurdish folk music ensemble; concerts in Hamburg, Vienna, Istanbul;

appearances accompanying the Munich dialect songwriter REINHARD VINZENZ GAMPE;

duo-concerts with the Scottish viola-player AIDAN BURKE

Since 2011
New duo-programme with Palmer-James – TWO HEADS;

composes and produces music for the film BirAdimÖtesi together with Kemal Kahraman and the singer Mavis Güneser;

composes and produces jingles for KTM motorcycles, Red Bull beverages, and ORF (Austrian State Television)